Styled By Jillian Wardrobe Consulting

jillian hertzman is a wardrobe consultant specializing in closet edits, personal shopping and styling services. a fashion design degree and a professional life spent in consumer insights gives her the basic style knowledge and consumer understanding necessary to put the what, why and how together to meet the style needs of today's modern man & woman.


WHAT I provide

Its my job to empower you to look your personal and professional BEST. Because our clothing is an extension of who we are, before a word is spoken we've already said a mouthful to those around us. Whether your goals are personal or professional in nature, Iā€™m here to help you craft the intended message.

Regardless of your lifestyle, body shape, coloring, personal taste, budget or location, I'll help you to either define or refine a style that is authentically you, creating the best version of yourself. And when you love how you look, it's easy to see - confidence, comfort, and ease look amazing on everyone!

Whether you're too busy, too impatient, or too confused to do it yourself, I will work tirelessly to make the process less stressful (even fun!). During our work together - either in-person or via digital means - I'll share essential information that will make future shopping and outfit creation easier and more efficient.


Jobs, relationships, hobbies: our lives are full of changes that are key to our personal growth and development. In order to become our greatest selves, we must be open to change.

With your wardrobe as my work space, my mission is to facilitate positive changes - in mindset, in perspective, in knowledge, and in practice - that will help you reach your wardrobe goals.  What kinds of results can you expect? 

  • A thorough closet edit and reorganization will replace chaos, confusion and frustration with clarity and ease.
  • An understanding of what shapes, colors and silhouettes work best on you will drive confidence and efficiency while shopping and dressing.
  • Learning the rules of outfit composition will make getting dressed a simpler, more enjoyable task.
  • Learning which brands and retailers best suit your personal tastes, body shape, and budget will make future shopping a less arduous task.
  • With me as your personal consultant, you'll have ongoing guidance, support, insight, and the opportunity to refresh and revive your wardrobe on a regular basis.
  • Loving how you look is a killer confidence builder, and confidence is pretty darn awesome!