Styled By Jillian Wardrobe Consulting

jillian hertzman is a wardrobe consultant specializing in closet edits, personal shopping and styling services. a fashion design degree and a professional life spent in consumer insights gives her the basic style knowledge and consumer understanding necessary to put the what, why and how together to meet the style needs of today's modern man & woman.

Growing up as a child of antique collecting parents, I was exposed to 'old' from a young age.  Accompanying them to shows, auctions and various markets, I began to understand and appreciate the beauty, the story and the inherent value of old things.  Hand-stitched, time-worn labors of love, I've always seen quilts as vibrant and personal works of art.  But while I recognized this beauty, it seemed completely lost on my peers.  I wanted to share these distinctive and remarkable relics in a new way, and decided to resurrect the quilt, giving it new life and a new audience.  


With the 'hunt' in my blood, each quilt is sourced here in the US, at flea markets, estate sales, antique shows and the like. Once acquired, I put my fashion design degree to work! Modern shape and line are my filters, and each quilt is re-imagined as an upcycled piece of wearable art.  Combining the warmth and comfort of a well-worn quilt with unique, trend-forward silhouettes, the JILLIE P collection contains exclusively one-of-a-kind pieces, handmade by me in my studio in downtown Los Angeles.  Each individual quilt is unique, and supplies only a small amount of material, therefore no two items are exactly alike - the ultimate limited edition. 

While a sampling of pieces from the collection are pictured above, at launch, JILLIE P will feature three jacket styles, two bag styles, and a baseball hat. Bags include three removable, interchangeable veg-tan leather straps, providing versatility in wear + the ability to toss them in the washing machine or drop at the dry cleaner. CURRENTLY, both bag styles are available, so please click below to connect regarding any JILLIE P inquires or purchase details. And…stay tuned for the inaugural launch date!