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jillian hertzman is a wardrobe consultant specializing in closet edits, personal shopping and styling services. a fashion design degree and a professional life spent in consumer insights gives her the basic style knowledge and consumer understanding necessary to put the what, why and how together to meet the style needs of today's modern man & woman.

I was looking for someone to help me switch up my style. In addition to wanting a more sophisticated wardrobe, I also wanted to learn how to create new outfits from my current closet. I love prints and bright colors and was at a loss on how to mix patterns. Jillian was a perfect stylist for me! We went shopping in my closet and she created several new outfits from head to toe. She gave me an education on how to mix prints in a way that I had never considered. We took note of the holes in my wardrobe and made a plan for her to shop for me. She brought some great pieces to my house that fit with exactly what I wanted - and all at great prices. She was excellent with follow-up, and providing suggestions on new items even after our two sessions together. My wardrobe is nowhere near complete, so this is just the start!
— Dupe, 34, Corporate Communications Specialist - Los Angeles

I am sitting in my closet writing this. I can’t seem to tear myself away. Once a place I came to out of necessity, eyes forward, watching out for fallen objects and “trip hazards”, has been transformed into a small, peaceful oasis. Can you imagine? It even smells good. I feel lighter, relieved, and excited about getting dressed again. The end result? My clothes are organized, color coordinated and categorized. They are all facing the same direction. (This was an absolute first for me.). I can SEE what I own! And everything fits. I will wear what I have and feel good wearing it. There’s even room for more! Keep a closet edit appointment open for me in 2018 Jillian! But all kidding aside, you’ve given me something I absolutely could not have given myself. I would have NEVER been able to do this without you. Thank you for pushing and supporting and directing. And we had so much fun in the process. I love my “new” closet!!
— Stephanie, 41, Stay-At-Home Mom - Los Angeles

I feared the day that Jillian would come to edit my closet. I stressed for 2 weeks after I made the appointment and tried to prepare for it. When she arrived, I was open-minded and felt like I was ready for a change. In just a few hours we were able to go through my existing wardrobe, pull out and match up some fabulous outfits for work and play, and get rid of some items that I haven’t worn for years. Thanks to Jillian and her words of encouragement, I now feel confident that I can make appropriate choices in putting together outfits new and old. Since her visit, I have not worn my boring ‘uniform’, but am able to switch it up and feel happy when I walk out the door each day. Thanks Jillian!
— Michele, 46, Real Estate Agent - Hoboken

Working with Jillian over the past few months has been amazing! We’ve been filling in some gaps in my wardrobe, and elevating my professional look. The pieces that she selects always fit within my budget and she pushes me just enough to step out of my previous comfort zone and towards the style I want to have. We’ve been working remotely, since I’m in New York and she’s in LA, and I’ve been impressed with how smooth and efficient the process has been. Using Polyvore, she can visually present several options for each piece that I’m looking for and it makes it super easy to navigate to purchase and refer back to the other options. I’m thrilled with the items I’ve purchased so far, and I’ve made all of my coworkers jealous!
— Kelly, 33, VP, Media Operations - NYC

I hate to shop! After connecting with Jillian, she will evaluate your style and needs based on what you already have in your closet, and find you clothes you love to fit your specific tastes. You tell her what you like, and she finds things you never thought you could find. For example, I wear a size 11 shoe, and I can never find shoes I like — she found me 20 pairs of shoes to try on! She hunts and scours until she gets the job done! She hears your needs and gets you the items you request. I love how she understood me, and found items that do a great job of accentuating my best features. She’s fun and energetic, and makes trying on clothes really painless. She found me a dress to a wedding that made me feel like a princess!
— Lauren, 35, Commercial Real Estate Agent/Actress - Los Angeles

After trying on 30+ wedding dresses and not truly loving any of them, I was burnt out and uninspired by the bridal scene, and knew I needed some professional help. Jillian totally changed my perspective on dress shopping, and made the entire process much more fun! From the start, she was positive and confident that we’d find something great, and her energy was contagious. After an initial FaceTime consult, where I shared all my aesthetic wants & budget limitations, she pulled together more than 30 wedding dress options for me to choose from, many of which there is NO WAY I would have found on my own. The best were the “wild cards,” which weren’t in the style I was looking for, but they opened my eyes completely to something totally different while still highlighting the features I loved (back, shoulders, side cleavage). I would have walked down the aisle in a boring schmata if it wasn’t for her. Looking forward to looking fabulous on my big day in August 2016 - thank you Jillian!
— Bayla, 34, Writer - Brooklyn



Jillian, I am forever grateful for your assistance!

CLOSET EDIT: I’m sitting here staring at my closet. I can’t thank you enough. You were upbeat, patient and incredibly supportive throughout the process, and I would recommend you to anyone who needs to change their lives for the better!

What was most important about your closet edit was that it helped me let go of what was holding me back. Now when I get dressed in the morning, my beautifully organized closet inspires me to look my best, and that makes me feel my best! And I can actually see what I own. Your influence has crept into other areas of my life - looking my best has now inspired me to do better work, in my job as well as my personal projects.

FORMALWEAR SHOPPING: A few months after my closet transformation, I had a wedding to go to and decided to check in with Jillian for some recommendations. The challenge for me was going to a wedding where I wanted to impress... but I had nothing appropriate to wear. Being an artist on a budget I found it very difficult to come up with options. So when I spoke to Jillian I was hesitant and rather dubious. But when she convinced me that I would be spending less for both the clothing and her help than much of what I had seen in fashion magazines I decided to take the chance.

Jillian did a ton of research before we met to ensure a more focused and efficient shopping trip. Having her with me in-store made me feel comfortable to ask questions, and try different things on to find a fit and style I was comfortable with.

She had suggestions in terms of color, fabric and style but she was also very open to my own wants and needs. Together we found something that I think I wouldn’t have found on my own. Her recommendation of a tailor was also spot on and overnight, this guy was able to hem my cuffs and pants to the ideal length. As for footwear, she made a recommendation on a pair of shoes that I was initially concerned about. My issues were price - they were slightly more than I wanted to spend... and style - I just couldn’t see myself in them. I decided to listen to her suggestion, and wore them to the wedding and they weren’t only comfortable, but informed my whole attitude and made me feel better about myself and my outfit. In fact the shoes kind of brought everything together, and have actually become my new favorites.

I feel great, look great and could never have done this on my own. And all for less than what I had seen advertised to begin with.
— Max, 40, Actor/Writer - Los Angeles

I signed on for a closet edit, and thought it was going to be torture... but it was extremely freeing. Jillian helped me examine each piece of my closet very realistically. I got rid of SO much stuff I didn’t love or need. Getting dressed this week will be a much easier task!
— Denise, Exec Director (Pharma), 43 - Hoboken

                                 CLOSET SHOPPING: WORK

Jillian made me look forward to getting dressed in the morning again. Before I came to her my closet was clogged with clothes I no longer really wanted to wear and dated items I no longer should have been wearing. What remained after Jillian’s closet edit were pieces that were stylish, that fit me, and that I knew how to wear. She also identified gaps in my wardrobe that, once filled, would make existing pieces even more versatile.

With her in LA and me in NYC, we’ve been working together digitally, ever since the in-person edit. Her fashion help not only takes advantage of her great sense of style to provide me with curated options that I would not have discovered on my own, it also has been a tremendous timesaver – she takes care of all the “legwork” by browsing, collecting & sharing various options for each of the items I’m looking for. And not only does she advise on pieces to purchase, but at every step of the way she offers advice on how to combine a purchase with clothes I already own to make new or more interesting outfits.

She has greatly improved the quality and versatility of my wardrobe, and working with her has given me a renewed sense of confidence and excitement about the outfits that I can create. She is both fun to work with and a total professional, and I recommend her highly!
— Tricia, Graduate Student, 43 - NYC