Styled By Jillian Wardrobe Consulting

jillian hertzman is a wardrobe consultant specializing in closet edits, personal shopping and styling services. a fashion design degree and a professional life spent in consumer insights gives her the basic style knowledge and consumer understanding necessary to put the what, why and how together to meet the style needs of today's modern man & woman.


Bypassing an extensive wardrobe assessment, this service is solely focused on shopping for new items. IDEAL for those clients who live outside the LA area, The Online Shopper service leverages the convenience & variety the Internet has to offer, to find & share wardrobe options to meet your needs. Is it occasion-specific outfits? Seasonal 'it' items? A shift in work environments? Whatever your current challenges are, I will scour the Internet to secure a number of appropriate pieces from which to choose. 

We'll connect via FaceTime or Skype to discuss details on the current wardrobe challenge, plus any environment- or activity-specific information that might influence shopping choices. I'll create a final shopping list based on the agreed upon budget, and will start the online search!

Once the shopping has wrapped, I'll use Fashmates to create carefully curated collages (*pictured) for all items on the shopping list - each shopping list item with at least 5 options. Each Fashmates collage will also feature corresponding hyperlinks for easy click-to-purchase capabilities. 

*If you're interested in a more personal experience, in which I purchase items and bring them to you for a styling session, check out the THE PERSONAL SHOPPER service!